Redefining business Process Outsourcing.

From ideation to creation, we are directly involved in the design solution process. We are not the liason, we are the solution to your business needs.



Emphasis on Empathy

Our clients are a core part of our team. They are involved in every step of our iterative process because we want to make sure that we fully understand their needs.

This human-centered approach helps us understand what works and what doesn’t work for them, thus creating truly empathetic technological solutions. So we listen, and we listen very well.

Iterative Human-Centered HAAiway.

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You can sit with us.

Doubling up on Diversity

We’ve garnered the most diverse team, from doctors who are managers and musicians who are data scientists to add that extra drop of uniqueness, empathy and innovation to our solutions. It is this sort of dynamic that helps us serve a niche client base as well.

We make a conscious effort to create an inclusive culture to celebrate the diversity we have. This makes for a really creative and fun workspace that never runs out of ideas.


"Looking to create tons of 'Jobs' in Nepal."
Punit's dream is to retire from the IT industry at 35 to become a professor. His biggest self-annoying habit is opening an app on his laptop and then opening that same app on his phone without knowing why. Punit loves food from all over the world and he loves starting and investing in promising companies.


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    Steer Through Ambiguity

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    Human-Centered Techniques

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    Needs Assessment

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    Rapid End-to-End Solutions

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    Attention to Detail

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    Intentional and Creative Design

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    Project Management

Life at HAAi.

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Namaste from

Our story began in Kathmandu, when our founders, Punit and Prabhas met. They wanted to create a workspace in Nepal that challenged normative business and design standards.

Today, HAAi is the fastest growing startup in Nepal, with a company culture that is unmatched in the country. As a result, we build original and beautiful design solutions with our team that we hope will leave a rippling effect around the world.

Address:Mandikatar, Kathmandu